Services Provided



        Of The Carolinas

​​State-Funded PDD Programearly intensive behavior intervention services                                                                      provided to consumers between 3 and 11 years                                                                    of age diagnosed with autism spectrum                                                                                disorder who are eligible for SCDDSN services Not Accepting Referrals 

Eligibility must be determined prior to the start of services


New referrals should be submitted to

BabyNet ABA Services- early intensive behavior intervention services to                                                        children birth to 3 years of age determined to be at                                                    risk of autism based on a STAT result positive for                                                      concern or with an autism diagnosis.        Accepting Referrals  

​PDD Waiver Program - early intensive behavior intervention services                                                             to consumers between 3 and 11 years of age                                                         diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder                                                        who are eligible fo SCDDSN services

Not Accepting Referrals 

​​​​Solid Foundations of the Carolinas is a natural environment ABA provider serving the autism community!